9/52: Hello, Spring

| 52-week Project

The Forks Winnipeg

Eli: Our skating moment at The Forks, the last trip we had before winter ended. He enjoyed it so much and was left with nothing but aching joints and incomparable joy afterwards.


Eliz: Always so fascinated by fairies, thinking they … Read the rest

6, 7, 8/52: Catching my breath

| 52-week Project

DSC_8753 DSC_8809 DSC_8883 DSC_8891 DSC_8983-2DSC_9078

1. This is our haven. Fast food, calories, carbs and all, I know(!!) but the squeals of delight an hour at their indoor play place can give my kids is beyond bliss.

2. Balloons overload. Our recent party trips make … Read the rest

Be Social. Be Safe.

| Blogging


Photo from theeverygirl.com


Being a blogger means being everywhere. That is tweeting, posting, sharing and interacting online. Social media platforms are not only necessary, they’re our hope: of being found, read and of reaching people that are miles … Read the rest

‘Peg Biz + Giveaway (Wuhooo!!)

| Expat Diary

Party Giveaway

Ice. Snow. Frigid weather. Canada is known for such and Winnipeg isn’t out of the equation. We experience half of the year shoveling snow out of our yards, drinking pints of coffee for warmth and hiding between the sheets in … Read the rest

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