Reminding myself these

| Faith, Unraveling Life


In times of anxiety over things you can’t control…. be still.

In times of piled up chores and the chaos of staging the home… rest is not idling.

In times of tantrum-throwing and clinging…. you are loved.

In times of … Read the rest

The Courage to Move on

| Family, Unraveling Life

It was a restless week for us. Make that three restless weeks. We always say we’re a tough couple but when faced with circumstances that will really test courage, I think it’s safe to say that we are a bit.. … Read the rest

Accidents happen.

| Family, Motherhood

Winnipeg photo booth

I love my work. Me being my own boss of my small business is nothing less than fulfilling. Especially when you have clients who are so accommodating with your kids. It’s as if you’re having a family time while earning.… Read the rest

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